We dropped Apple’s iPhone 7 in the ocean – this is what happened

“We’re one of the first in the world to get the brand new gold iPhone 7 in our hot little hands!” So Bad So Good writes.

“It’s the first iPhone to be water resistant – just how waterproof is it?” SBSG writes. “We thought we’d go out on a special mission to see if the revolutionary new phone lives up to its promise.”

“We sent Australian presenter Samantha Clarke into the water at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach to see if the new iPhone can withstand the sharks, crashing blue waves and extreme rip currents,” SBSG writes. “Will it survive? Or simply be destroyed in the blue depths below, ending up as an expensive snack for JAWS?”

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: More tech reviewers like Samantha Clarke, please!

We also like that the testing was appropriately conducted at Bondi Beach after which the original iMac’s Bondi Blue color was named.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got our new iPhones to run through their paces! TGIF!

Interns, you know what to do.


        1. Probably poor humour on my behalf cause I’m not gay or oblivious.
          Being a New Zealander I’m very used to seeing chics in bikinis on surf boards on either side of the ditch.

        2. Or maybe he’s just not a creepy sexist jerk wad. People who say things like you just did make me think you’re a fat disgusting scummy single dude living in his parents house, playing WOW and eating cheese puffs.

          1. Oh please. Men and women alike make comments like “Oh, to be her surf board” all the time when they see someone attractive (including the same sex). Expressing attraction to someone is neither sexist or jerky. Talk about political correctness gone mad…

  1. Okay, after watching the video, why does she even need the surf board as it seems she’s just walking about waist deep into the water?

    If she were to go surfing with it, I could understand and the head strap GoPro she was recording on makes her look ridiculous.

  2. So a bit of fun, superficial, fluff video but basically meaningless as tech journalism. Since Apple specifically recommends not dunking the phone in salt water, any meaningful test would be hold the phone holds up a few days or more after ignoring their guideline when the corrosive effects could have done their dirty work…..

    …and why didn’t MDN point this out….?? Cute girl, bikini and surf board is enough to totally distract them…?

  3. The most important take-away from this is that we can now safely bring iPhones into the pool to take pictures without that persistent and powerful fear that we may drop our $800 device into the water and render it a useless brick. In can see home videos of kids learning to swim, with shots coming from just below the surface for great dramatic effect.

    There were waterproof phones since 2005, and waterproof android since 2012, but they all may well have never existed. It will be iPhone 7 that will flood YouTube with underwater video shots.

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