“Hardware review YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has put the new iPhone 7 through an intensive durability test,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors. “The latest video shows how a black matte iPhone 7 stands up to scratching, applied heat, and bending”

“In the first test, the screen stands up to a utility knife with no problems. However, when a harder level 6 mineral pick is applied it incurs damage, suggesting that coins and keys won’t scratch it, but care should be taken to protect it against other abrasive materials that can be found in pockets and purses,” Hardwick reports. “The buttons are confirmed as metal, while the antenna bands remain plastic.”

Hardwick reports, “Lastly, the bend test confirms the iPhone 7’s aluminum chassis isn’t susceptible to bending.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Keep those level 6 mineral picks our of your iPhone pockets, now, ya hear?

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