Apple stock on best streak in over two years

“In a rough week for stocks, Apple Inc. has soared,” Aaron Kuriloff reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Shares in the Cupertino, Calif.-based company were on track to rise 11% this week, after posting their best four-day streak in more than two years. Apple was the top performer in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Thursday and the only stock in the blue-chip index to gain during a selloff Tuesday that sent the Dow industrials down 1.4%.”

“Tech stocks in the S&P 500 have risen roughly 10% in the past three months, more than twice the gains of any other group,” Kuriloff reports. “Apple has been a big driver of those recent gains. Excluding Apple would cut the tech sector’s monthly gain through Thursday from 1.5% to 0.2%, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices, which notes Apple remains the biggest company in the index by market cap.”

“Apple’s 6.7% climb between the new phone’s unveiling and Thursday’s close is the stock’s best performance over the past five years in the gap between the announcement and the launch, according to data from Bespoke Investment Group,” Kuriloff reports. “Since the iPhone first was unveiled in 2007, shares have gained a median of 4.3% in that window, climbing seven times and falling three, Bespoke says.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The state of the iPhone is strong.

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  1. I miss read that as “best steak”, and was instantly reminded of Donald Trump. I am terrified of what a Trump presidency can lead to. That man isn’t qualified for the White House, and many of his projects failed. With that said, I’m glad Apple’s stock is having a best streak, and it will only get better once their new products become popular.

    1. You mean like the current Community Organizer was qualified when he was elected?

      I don’t know why people like you have to bait people like me. You KNOW we have to respond, and this is supposed to be about Apple.

      1. I’m neither a Trump or GOP fan. And while we’re on the subject, I also dislike the Democrats and Hillary. I simply stated the obvious and you read way to much into it, way to defensive. Maybe, just maybe, you are the one needing help.
        I’m just tired of coming to this site and reading about somebody’s personal political position when I’m actually looking for info about Apple. So STFU and let’s talk Apple.

        1. I man not excusing the initial Trump post, although I would like to point out that most of the political diatribe on this forum are initiated/perpetrated by the far right – Fwhatever, botty, and various anonymous pseudonyms.

          I would also like to point out that You chose to employ the dismissive GOP label for Obama. He is the President of the United State and deserves some measure of respect. I generally referred to President Bsuh in that manner when he was in office. When people use the GOP derogatory slang, then they are making a statement. You invited my interpretation by your choice of words. Words are important.

          You attempt to turn the tables on me is weak. I simply stated the factual qualifications of President Obama in response to your “Community Organizer” statement. There is nothing defensive about that. Someone has to set the record straight when people mislead and twist things to suit their own ends. You may have done so without conscious intent (although I believe your bias is clear), but the results are the same…the propagation of FUD. If you do not want to be misinterpreted, then choose your words more carefully.

          As for me, your assumptions are likely in error. I seek moderation…a return to center. Reagan was largely a moderate. So was Clinton. Starting around 1993, however, there was a shift in U.S. federal and state politics towards the extremes, especially on the right – Newt Gingrich and company. That polarization intensified in the late 1990s. A shift to extreme on one side tends to lead towards a counterbalancing shift to an extreme on the opposite end of the spectrum. That is an unhealthy situation, and our country is suffering as a result.

          You can agree or disagree, as you please.

    2. That’s not unusual for someone from that country to do, actually it’s kind of typical. Last weekend there was an article oh something about “Does Apple Care about the Mac” and in true cyber-terrorist form FirstxyThenab made a top level comment along the lines as “Apple Cares as much about the Mac as one of the presidential candidates of that country cares about the people….blah blah blah, hate hate hate.”

      To be sure that ensued a whole long series of responses that hijacked the thread and crashed the topic first 9-11 style. MDN in it’s wisdom removed the posts but that’s not always the case.

      I’m sure some psychiatrist could come up with some technical way to describe this psychotic behavior but to me in a word it’s about solipsism, the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist, and those from that nation have it, they have it bad, right on par with most two year olds who can’t see much beyond their very own navel.

      I mean here we are, at an Apple fan site, THE Apple fan site of the net, where MDN brings us the latest and greatest articles about Apple. and the articles are particularly great these days. The latest iPhone release, an OS upgrade, a watch upgrade, shares performing like they used to, the competition blowing, or exploding in the dust, great joy for everyone and yet there it is, you are instantly reminded of some buffoon in that patriotic cry “the conversation has to be about US…WHAAAAAAH.” and so the original topic gets usurped, and replaced.

      I’m sure it stems from some form of insecurity and a need to feed an over inflated mega super ego that results in this cyber bully behavior but then again, I’m not a psychiatrist, just someone who finds trolls and solipsistic a bit of a tasty treat to munch on, especially the ones waving the stars and skid marks.

      Consider yourself munched.

      Note to MDN: If you obliterate my post and CPW’s post and others who reply, you’ll be doing the site a favor.

  2. It’s only $5 higher than it was a few weeks ago. Since that time we have learned: a Tawaiin store chain proclaimed that preorders are five times greater than they were last year, T-Mobile and Sprint said preorders were four times greater, Apple said about 60% of the models were sold out (I don’t remember any iPhone launch were they said many models/colors were “sold out” before the official sales date), and one of their main hardware competitors is selling phones that are exploding.

    We have also learned the iPhone 7 can stay under water for hours on end (iFixit video), they have had the best drop tests I have ever seen, and the computing absolutely obliterates any smartphone on the market.

    Additionally, Apple has introduced two cool new products: one is the beginning of voice computing and the other is partnering with Nike.

    All of this new information has come to pass, yet the stock is only 4.5% higher than it was a couple of weeks ago. Today, AAPL got three substantial upgrades, so hopefully it rises.

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