“The dream of a smart home where everything can be controlled at the tap of a button is about to get a step closer,” Mark Prigg reports for The Daily Mail.

“Apple’s new iOS 10 software, expected to be released on Wednesday, will include a new Home app built by Apple to make home control easier – and to take on amazon and Google in the battle for the smart living room,” Prigg reports. “It will allow users to control lights, blinds, doors and pretty much everything in their home from a single app – or by asking Siri.”

“Although Apple has been supporting HomeKit, its language to allow gadgets to talk to each other, for several years, the Home app will be the first time it has created a single app to control any compatible device,” Prigg reports. “Opening the Home app brings up a main screen that lists all favourite Scenes and favourite accessories for quick access… An ‘Automation’ feature in the Home app allows HomeKit accessories to be set up to perform actions based on time and location, such as turning on the lights when the sun sets or turning on the air conditioning when you leave work.”

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