“It is the law of entropy that things get more complicated over time,” Tiernan Ray writes for Barron’s. “In the five years since Tim Cook took command of Apple from co-founder Steve Jobs, the company and the world in which it operates have become much more complex.”

“For dealing with these changes, Cook will receive a nice five-year bonus, the vesting of 980,000 shares of restricted stock units that Apple granted him when he became CEO in 2011,” Ray writes. “With Apple stock recently trading at $107.87, that’s a $105 million award.”

“So, how has Cook done in those five years? I’d give him an A-minus,” Ray writes. “By carefully shepherding the company through a tumultuous time in the tech world, he nearly doubled revenue, to an expected $215.4 billion in the fiscal year ending next month. He more than doubled profit, to a projected $8.26 a share, which led to a doubling in the price of the shares. Apple has generated total returns of 120% during his tenure, including reinvested dividends, beating the 110% of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index.”

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Apple’s Tim Cook era in five charts – August 24, 2016