“Many garments were rended and much hair torn last week over a report in Bloomberg that the next version of the Apple Watch would not arrived with cellular networking,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld.

“Setting aside some of the questions about the reporting of that story and Apple’s development timelines,” Moren writes, “allow me to share with you my nuanced, carefully considered, and thoughtful reaction to that news: meh.”

“Look, I get it: the ability to have your Apple Watch connected no matter where you are and let it function untethered from your iPhone seems like a nice addition,” Moren writes. “And I’m sure Apple will get there some day, but there are a few reasons why I think this is much ado about nothing.”

Apple Watch will within weeks feature watchOS 3 is faster and simpler with breakthrough health features

Apple Watch will within weeks feature watchOS 3 is faster and simpler with breakthrough health features

“Will the Apple Watch get cellular networking eventually? Sure,” Moren writes. “But when Apple’s working on a device, it’s always a matter of priorities—and right now there are things that are higher up on the list.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The people most obsessed with an Apple Watch that’s fully independent of iPhone do not own an Apple Watch.

Users of the device understand that things like onboard GPS and devoting excess battery power to performance gains are far more important right now. Apple Watch will get the ability to connect to cellular networks eventually – and that’ll be useful for when you’re out on a run with just your GPS-capable Apple Watch and you need to make a quick phone call or text a brief message, but Apple Watch’s display is just too small to be relied upon all by its lonesome most of the time. You’ll want to pull out your iPhone when encountering longer text, viewing photos and videos, etc.

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