“In only a few weeks, Apple is expected to reveal the next-generation Apple Watch, the first update of the device since its introduction two years ago,” Robert Lehar writes for Seeking Alpha. “There are signs that Apple is moving full steam ahead with the Watch, introducing significant changes with watchOS 3, acquiring companies and talent for its health initiatives, and working on several new products in the category.”

“KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, a supply chain analyst with a solid track record in predicting future Apple product plans, offers first details on the anticipated refresh of the Apple Watch,” Lehar writes. “Here’s Appleinsider: ‘Kuo believes Apple is planning to launch two new Apple Watch versions in the second half of 2016, both of which offer moderate improvements over their predecessor. The first unit will be an iterative upgrade on the original Apple Watch and is expected to sport the same aesthetics, but with improved intervals like a TSMC processor built on the 16nm process. Waterproofing should also be slightly improved. A second version, dubbed “Apple Watch 2,” is also expected to share the same general design as current models, but will include a GPS radio and barometer for improved geolocation capabilities. A higher capacity battery will be included to power the advanced components, but its size will prohibit Apple’s usual generational device slimming.'”

Apple Watch will within weeks feature watchOS 3 is faster and simpler with breakthrough health features

Apple Watch will within weeks feature watchOS 3 is faster and simpler with breakthrough health features

“If there are any product problems with the current Watch, they are certainly not related to a lack of functionality. Instead, it is performance and navigation which are often criticized by the device’s users,” Lehar writes. “Updating the original Watch with a 16nm processor and watchOS3 would then go a long way in solving these issues, and further improve on what is already considered a best-in-class product… The GPS-equipped Watch ‘2’ would then target fitness-oriented users and athletes, and push the category toward full independence on the iPhone (a big deal in terms of expanding the TAM, but something which will take some time as Apple needs to develop more power-efficient components to deliver a good battery life).”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re tired of carting our iPhones around on our arms in order to get GPS-tracked runs. We’ll be upgrading to Apple Watch 2 immediately regardless, but if it has GPS on board, it’ll be a Jobsend to runners, cyclists, swimmers (with improved water resistance), etc.

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