Survey bodes well for Apple’s iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2

“Customer acquisition firm, Fluent, surveyed Americans on their thoughts about the rumored ‘iPhone 7,’ the rumored Apple Watch 2, and perceptions around the brand,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today. “The survey was conducted among 1,735 adult residents (aged 18 and up) in the U.S.”

“The survey finds that iPhone owners are sticking with iPhone. Eighty-seven percent of iPhone users say they will purchase another Apple device as their next phone,” Sellers writes. “Only 76% of Android users plan to purchase another Android device; 17% of Android users want to switch to an iPhone.”

“Fluent also notes that Apple Watch owners are much more likely to purchase a new smartwatch in the next year,” Sellers writes. “Sixty-eight percent of Apple Watch owners say they ‘definitely or probably will’ upgrade to a new smartwatch this year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: At the moment, sight unseen for both, of course, we’re slightly more excited for Apple Watch 2 than for iPhone 7, just because we’d like GPS onboard Apple Watch so badly. We’re sure that after we get the full presentation about iPhone’s camera and other new features we’ll be even more ready to sell on our iPhone 6s Plus units and upgrade to Apple’s best iPhone yet!


  1. Mac.
    I’m with you most of the time but honestly, the ‘greedy Cook’ shtick is wearing thin.
    A little perspective:
    The original iMac needed adapters as it had no floppy drive.
    It got a redesign but then just new colors and modest spec updates the rest of its life.

    The 30 pin connector had to go, and you know it.

    I know over a dozen people with Apple Watches and not one has stopped wearing it. Not too bad for a first try.
    I’m waiting on gen. 2. Hopefully it’ll be thinner. 1cm thick is too much.

    1. Oh no boss, you ain’t respectful of anythang or anybody! This ain’t in yer nature boss, don’t be sayin such thangs! Be nasty, REAL nasty like always. After all yer just a kid.

      Lovin yer adapter konespirasy akuzations. You must have put a lot of mental work into that one. How come you never site yer sources boss? Oh I knows – to keep looking special stupid, isn’t that it? You are suckceeding beyawnd yer wildest dreams there Master Mac! I is so proud of you! Next to c*cks*cking you is the best at it.

      Keep it up boss, you given dese here numbskulls a lot to think about, and laugh at at the same time! I like that you don’t mind being laughed at all the time like a monkey at the zoo.

  2. I’m due an upgrade on a line. Love my SE, skipped the 6 series entirely, don’t know if I want a 6SE. I would have to be wowed by the presentation next month. It seems it’s going to be the Plus with its camera that would be the show stopper. We’ll see.

  3. The first portable radio I bought in 1971 had the same 3.5mm jack on it, although twas monaural. Still have it. Having fixed quite a few iPhones, I can say that the jack will take up too much internal space, vertical, horizontal and in depth. The Lightning connector uses half the depth and much less height. Removing the antiquated Jack will free up much needed space for a second speaker to have stereophonic sound. This will also improve water proofing. iPhone connectivity components are due for more innovation. Think about having headphones connected by lightning cable that can power the speakers for improved amplification. There is a lot to be said for one less cable dangling out from your iPhone.

  4. I thought you said YOU was the poorly made joke, or at least yer Mammy and Pappy did.

    Heh heh. I know your salivating at de prospext of s*cking my c*ck ain’t yah boss Master Mac? heh heh haw. You toll me so many times how delicious it wuz.


    Did I say that right boss? Jes want to be helpin your troll-like idjit Tim Cook hating cawse. Zat’s all I want to be a-doin.

  5. You may not like the Apple Watch, but where do you get off calling it “poorly made”? That is a ridiculous statement, and puts anything else that you might say in extreme doubt. You might try separating your emotion from whatever shred of reason that you may possess. We do not tolerate fools very well on this forum.

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