“Apple is about to make what looks like a slight change to the name of its stores,” Richard Kestenbaum writes for Forbes. “Soon all of the stores will be known by the company name and location, like Apple Fifth Avenue or Apple Anytown. They will no longer be known as ‘The Apple Store’ and the word ‘Store’ will no longer be part of their retail locations’ names.”

“Who cares? Why bother?” Kestenbaum writes. “In general, Apple stores are so productive and influential that anything they do is important. But this is a more significant shift than a one-word change would indicate.”

“Apple’s name change means they know their stores can’t be just stores, they have to be places you go to for more than buying stuff,” Kestenbaum writes. “The Apple Store is already a place you go to for expertise or just to see what’s new and on view from Apple. But eventually, they’d love you to go there for classes on a range of topics beyond just how to use their products — and they want you to go there for other events. Apple wants you to think of it as a place to meet friends, a gathering place, an event space, a place you go to for lots of reasons only one of which is to buy Apple products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

They are more than just “stores,” so it make perfect sense not to call them that. It’s also a nice bonus to finally be losing that inelegant comma from the locations’ names. — MacDailyNews, August 18, 2016

Apple drops ‘store’ from Apple store branding – August 18, 2016