“Yes, email is the app we love to hate. Email is the killer app of the internet (ostensibly because we’d like to kill, it, or, because email could be the death of us),” Tera Thomas O’Brien writes for TeraTalks.

“Apple’s Mail app is decent, packed with useful features to the point of visual clutter, and might be the Mac’s most unstable, unreliable app in the 21st century, but all of us need and use email so what’s the alternative?” O’Brien writes. “All of my email accounts can be loaded up in a browser window and that actually works well; from Gmail to iCloud to company to personal email. In a browser window? Yes. That also means you don’t get all the features available in Mail, so, again, what’s the alternative?”

“Here are two you might like. One free, one not so much, both chosen because, like Mail, they run on Mac, iPhone, and iPad,” O’Brien writes. “First Free – Polymail is, at least for now, a free and very special email app… Second, Not Free – CloudMagic looks, feels, and works like the lightest featherweight email app you’ve ever used. It’s pristine. It’s clean.”

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