“This year SIGGRAPH 2016, the 43rd International Conference and Exhibition, was held in Anaheim, California; with the heart of Disneyland, one block away, frequented by families from all over the world and cherished for the power of joy, imagination and narrative and the visual arts, SIGGRAPH 2016’s location reflected the power of creativity and technical artistry,” Akiko Ashley reports for Architosh. “This year geeks descended on Anaheim with their Pokémon GO app and their desire to network, connect, and learn the tricks of the trade.”

“SIGGRAPH this year was primarily focused on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and the gaming market,” Ashley reports. “Just one look at the success of Pokémon GO answers the question why. As an architect, there are more opportunities then ever for jobs in other vocations outside of traditional roles, something the readers of this publication may want want to bear in mind.”

“A lot of the movies that came out this summer had full CG (computer graphics) environments—including airports, cities, and fantasy worlds,” Ashley reports. “Architects now have an option for work that many may not have thought about. Work in motion pictures, games, or in virtual reality is growing for those with design and technical skills.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For example, The Secret Life of Pets:

The Secret Life of Pets