“Despite the expected sales decline, investors found reason for encouragement in Apple’s June quarter earnings, and the stock is up about 7% as of this writing,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “Apple gave indications that the next iPhone will continue to be innovative and have a strong launch in September. In addition to iPhone, Apple is expected to update a number of product lines, including Mac and Watch. Investors have much to look forward to this fall.”

“As usual, Apple management refused to answer any questions regarding product plans, which was uppermost in analysts’ minds during the Fiscal Q3 earnings conference call held on 7/26. But perhaps, stung by the ongoing narrative of the ‘non-innovative’ iPhone, CEO Tim Cook just couldn’t help himself,” Hibben writes. “When questioned by Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski about regaining iPhone share in China, Cook had this to say: ‘…if you look at our share over time, our share in China tends to peak during launch windows. There’s a higher high and a lower low there. There’s a bigger difference between those two. And so what we have to do and what we’re doing is innovating like crazy and delivering the best smartphone to our customers there. And if we do a really great job of that, which we will, then I’m confident that we’ll do well.'”

“In the past, when Cook has directly contradicted or rebuked Apple critics, he’s usually been proven out, so I take his assertion as a good indicator,” Hibben writes. “Of course, innovation is in the eye of the beholder to some degree, but there were other concrete signs of Apple’s innovation efforts.”

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