“What do you get when you combine a population too busy to look up from its smartphones, a ‘one-tap economy’ and 78 million pet dogs?” Karin Brulliard reports for The Washington Post. “You get Pooper, an app that summons someone to scoop your pooch’s waste off the sidewalk or neighbor’s lawn.”

“Perhaps you have enough time to own a dog, feed a dog and take it on walks, but you are just too darn busy to reach down to pick up its poop,” Brulliard reports. “You are Pooper’s target customer.”

“Once your dog does its job, you open the app, pinpoint the excrement on a digital map and order a scoop,” Brulliard reports. “You are then free to leave; a scooper comes to do the clean up.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s Uber for poop!

Pricing is as follows:

$ 15/mo.
• 2 scoops/day
• 15 mile scoop radius

$ 25/mo.
• 3 scoops/day
• 30 mile scoop radius
• Rollover unused scoops

$ 35/mo.
• Unlimited scoops
• Unlimited scoop radius

More info about becoming a “Scooper” here.

If this isn’t a parody*, good luck to the “Scoopers” when it comes to finding their target piles. Sometimes our dogs do their business on the neighbors’ lawns, we discover we don’t have a bag left in the dispenser, and when we come back, even though we witnessed its placement, we have difficulty finding it in the grass! Good luck finding it via an app, Scoopers.

*It ought to be.