Need someone to pick up your dog’s poop? There’s an app for that

“What do you get when you combine a population too busy to look up from its smartphones, a ‘one-tap economy’ and 78 million pet dogs?” Karin Brulliard reports for The Washington Post. “You get Pooper, an app that summons someone to scoop your pooch’s waste off the sidewalk or neighbor’s lawn.”

“Perhaps you have enough time to own a dog, feed a dog and take it on walks, but you are just too darn busy to reach down to pick up its poop,” Brulliard reports. “You are Pooper’s target customer.”

“Once your dog does its job, you open the app, pinpoint the excrement on a digital map and order a scoop,” Brulliard reports. “You are then free to leave; a scooper comes to do the clean up.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s Uber for poop!

Pricing is as follows:

$ 15/mo.
• 2 scoops/day
• 15 mile scoop radius

$ 25/mo.
• 3 scoops/day
• 30 mile scoop radius
• Rollover unused scoops

$ 35/mo.
• Unlimited scoops
• Unlimited scoop radius

More info about becoming a “Scooper” here.

If this isn’t a parody*, good luck to the “Scoopers” when it comes to finding their target piles. Sometimes our dogs do their business on the neighbors’ lawns, we discover we don’t have a bag left in the dispenser, and when we come back, even though we witnessed its placement, we have difficulty finding it in the grass! Good luck finding it via an app, Scoopers.

*It ought to be.


  1. In the old days, when all was right with the world, a scoop was a news story, or a Baskin-Robbins treat. Now we know all of it was crap, all the way down the line.

    When was the last time all was right with the world? Never, unless you were very young, with unfried synapses, and possessing that adult-vilified fantasy known as hope for the future.

    1. Oh dear after reading that I have to make myself a disturbance of the force.

      In the free and civilized world words like scoop can have multiple definitions so things are still right with the free and civilized world.

      Thank you god for blessing the free and civilized world, we can sure see the difference.

      1. All the negativity is overwhelming at times. Your comfort is soothing and restorative. Perhaps we can meet later at a wharf rat’s hangout in Malta, and laugh at all this over a rum and brandy. Oh that’s right you don’t drink—more power to you, my friend. Make it a club soda, then. 😏

        1. You just need the right transformer to deal with negativity. It would be really if we could meet at my cyber bar and club that I run at another site for a chat but I’m all right about meeting at a wharf rat’s hangout.

          However, if we are going to go to all the trouble to meet at Malta I’d make an exception and I would want to try to local delicacy, the Malted milkshake. There’s a lot of Maltese falcon going on the island and I’d like to try that as well, so a beach area would be good.

          Have a great week, you put mine off to a great start.

  2. This has to be an elaborate joke.

    Why would anybody bother with such an app anyway? Once their dog has fouled the pavement, instead of bothering to scoop it up and dispose of it, all they need to do is pretend to take a picture of it and let passers by believe that somebody is travelling from up to 30 miles away to deal with it professionally. No need for an app, payments or a disposal bag either.

    Even in the unlikely event that it were for real, the whole point of clearing up after your dog is so that the next pedestrian doesn’t step in it. If you leave it where it is and move on, the chances are that it will have been trodden in long before super pooper man has rushed to the scene of the grime.

    One of my best friends is blind and uses a collapsable white stitch when walking on pavements. He hears a ‘tap, tap’ sound as he alternately probes left and right of his intended route. His heart sinks when he hears a sharp tap followed by a dull impact, because he then knows that his stick has most likely hit a poop. It’s then a particularly unpleasant job to clean up the end of the stick ( without being able to actually see what your doing ) before folding it up and putting it back into his jacket pocket. Getting the shitty end of the stick is a problem well known to blind people.

    1. The reference to a white stitch definitely wasn’t a typo. The guy who hands out the white sticks has a wicked sense of humour and he gave him a stitch instead of a stick, and hoped that my friend wouldn’t see the difference 🙂

  3. The website says:

    Pooper is currently beta testing in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Sign up below to receive an invite to our next round of beta testing as we expand nationwide.

    So apparently this isn’t fake, but it’s also not available to the public yet.

    I’d be afraid someone would take a poop shot, but the scooper gets there and finds something else at the location instead, like the baby doll that one guy is carrying, with raspberry jam all over it and a MacDonald’s knife through its head. Um, surprise?

  4. Who needs an app for that when we have such distinguished resident experts in verbal poop in all it’s excremental glory in Frank, Spade a Spade, Frank is a foolish pansy!, One Note Joe From Doofus, MO, NoBoner@43, @Mac the cocksucker & Frank is an inarticulate, worthless, jiz-guzzling FAGGOT!!!

    The list goes on and on, as Trolls tend to breed or just change names. But a name by any other stinking rose…

    Fine purveyors & champions of hurling their special brand of pre-puberty scat while offering up nothing else. I believe they eagerly make house calls for their pet waste collection.

  5. Sounds like an elaborate hoax on hipsters.
    Hipster has to take photos of dog poop in public.
    Pays money for a service that may not exist.
    Service uploads photos to tumblr!

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