“Microsoft is cranking out a bag of change since they kicked out former CEO Steve Ballmer. The trail he left isn’t pretty. The Zune is gone. Xbox doesn’t make any money. Sales of Windows PCs are on the decline. Windows Phone has insignificant marketshare,” Jack D. Miller writes for Mac360. “Yet, here’s our favorite Windows maker’s latest – a free app for the Mac.”

“To be honest about my perspective, I’m not a fan of Microsoft, Windows, Office or even Xbox,” Miller writes. “One of Microsoft’s more popular apps on iPhone is also on the Mac. It’s called OneNote, a free digital notebook that syncs with other devices running OneNote… Yes, OneNote works on Apple Watch and it works well.”

“OneNote works much like Evernote. It’s a digital notebook that captures almost anything including images (scanned receipts, documents, etc), features a mini-word processor, has easy search tools, and syncs with OneNote on other devices,” Miller writes. “As a somewhat typical Microsoft app, OneNote for the Mac has a cluttered but familiar Windows-app-like look. Think toolbars and tabs and lots of both.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anybody use OneNote? We’re 100% Microsoft-free here, so let us know what you think of this thing.