“In the last year or so, a bunch of celebrities have made public statements by sharing from the Notes app on their iPhones,” Oscar Raymundo writes for Macworld. “Taylor Swift did it most recently, but previously other young stars like Ariana Grande, Amy Schumer, and Demi Lovato gave us a piece of their mind by posting a screenshot of one of their Notes on Twitter or Instagram (or both simultaneously because they’re that social-savvy).”

“It’s surprising how popular the Notes app seems to be among these famous over-sharers,” Raymundo writes, “especially considering Apple has made it surprisingly cumbersome to share your Notes with the world.”

“Obviously, there’s a need for Notes to be better integrated with social media,” Raymundo writes. “Apple could make this process more effortless if it were to include an sharing option that would treat our Notes more like photos, rather than text. This new Notes sharing feature could work similarly to Instapaper’s Tweetshots.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Excellent idea and one Apple could easily, and should, implement with their very next Notes update.