“Rumor has it Apple isn’t going to reinvent the iPhone this year, but you definitely can’t say the same about its software,” Chris Velazco writes for Engadget. “iOS 10 was unveiled to the world late in the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, and for good reason — there were many, many new software features to unpack.”

“I’ve been using the public beta build on an iPhone 6s for two days, and so far it’s been remarkably stable. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve already encountered a handful of hiccups and bugs, but I haven’t run into any full-blown showstoppers either,” Velazco writes.

Apple's iOS 10's "raise to wake" feature

Apple’s iOS 10’s “raise to wake” feature

“Still, if you’d prefer not to troubleshoot or restart your phone, you’re better off steering clear of Apple’s Beta Software Program. But that goes without saying.”

“Apple Maps in iOS 10 just scored major points with me thanks to the improved (and enlarged) navigation interfaceg,” Velazco writes. “Seriously, it’s so much easier to read at a glance than Google Maps that I can almost see myself switchin.”

We can’t issue a verdict on iOS 10 until it launches this fallg,” Velazco writes, “but Apple has taken some significant steps forward here.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Already it’s plainly evident: iOS 10 is a work of art. It’s the world’s most advanced mobile operating system by a wide, wide margin.