“It was the Apple Store in New York City before there was such a thing as an Apple Store,” Rick Rojas reports for The New York Times.

“Before iPods and iPads and iPhones, before Apple started selling and servicing its devices out of a glass cube on Fifth Avenue, the eclectic Tekserve store on West 23rd Street in Manhattan was where customers went for upgrades to their PowerBook laptops or to have their computers fixed,” Rojas reports. “But times have changed, Tekserve’s managers said, and on Wednesday, they announced that the company was closing its retail and customer-service operation.”

“The service center will remain open until July 31, and the retail store will close on Aug. 15. About 70 employees will lose their jobs, the company said,” Rojas reports. “Resellers like Tekserve, once among the few places where customers could get Apple products, have been the victims of the technology company’s growth. But also, Tekserve said in a statement, swiftly rising rent has not helped.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The end of an era. Good luck to those affected.