“More than 300,000 people have signed a petition [organized by The Sum of Us, a website ‘fighting for people over profits’] urging Apple not to ditch the headphone socket from the version of the iPhone due for release this autumn,” Jane Wakefield reports for The Beeb.

MacDailyNews Take: Fools.

Wakefield reports, “Many complained on Twitter that removing the socket would render expensive headphones useless.”

MacDailyNews Take: You have “expensive headphones,” but you’ve never heard of a simple adapter?

Wakefield reports, “Others said that they would not be upgrading.”

MacDailyNews Take: Luddites.

“Apple introduced support for headphones over its Lightning cable in 2014,” Wakefield reports. “If the rumours prove true, it will not be the first time Apple has abandoned what it sees as outdated technology. In 1998 it released the iMac G3 without a floppy disk, leaving many questioning the wisdom of the move. But, just more than a decade later, Sony – a pioneer of the floppy disk – announced it was killing off the storage device.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The original version of this jack dates back to 1878. Your current headphones will work with a simple adapter. Our current headphones will continue to work without an adapter.

The only people signing such a petition are fools, Luddites, and/or those with way too much time on their hands.

So: Bring. It. On.

Apple product users are never wedded to old tech when there’s progress to be made.

Plus, here’s another good reason for the Beats buy. If Apple and Beats both change to Lightning headphones, the rest of the world will have to follow.

Also, don’t discount the ability for Lightning headphones to do more than just reproduce sound:

For just one example, see Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,655,004: “Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbuds and/or headsets.”

Apple’s patent abstract: A monitoring system that can be placed proximate to the head or ear of a user is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the monitoring system can be used with headphones, earbuds or headsets. The monitoring system can, for example, be used to monitor user activity, such as during exercise or sporting activities. The positioning of the monitoring system can also facilitate sensing of other user characteristics (e.g., biometric data), such as temperature, perspiration and heart rate. The monitoring system can also be used to control a an electronic device. In one embodiment, the monitoring system facilitates user control of the electronic device using head gestures. More info here.

From your ear to your wrist in the blink of an eye™.

Also, if you’d prefer no wires at all, you can do as we’ve been doing for years now and just go Bluetooth. We’ve been using wireless Jaybirds for some time now (currently the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, $100 at Amazon). They’re easy to charge, easy to pair, light and comfortable, and work perfectly with our Apple Watches and iPhones.

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