“In a previous column, I talked about Apple’s slow, subtle build to new products and the way in which eventual product introductions often build on earlier moves which act as enablers, even though the meaning of those earlier moves isn’t always transparent,” Jan Dawson writes for Tech.pinions. “I used the Watch as an example and cited nine earlier innovations Apple had made as key enablers of the Watch, when its time arrived. There’s definitely a pattern here Apple could follow with an eventual VR hardware product. It means introducing software and, to a lesser extent, hardware features today that would enable such an accessory in the future.”

“If we apply this pattern to Apple’s possible VR strategy, we might well see something other than a VR headset as the first step,” Dawson writes. “In fact, it’s more likely we would see a series of subtle advances in other areas over the next couple of years before Apple finally launches a VR accessory or device.”

Dawson writes, “What might some of those steps be? Here are some possibilities…”

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