Soon, it may pay to use Apple Pay; loyalty program may be Apple’s next step

“Soon, it may pay to use Apple Pay,” Ian Kar reports for Quartz. “Close financial partners and job postings on Apple’s career page hint that the company is interested in more closely integrating Apple Pay into loyalty programs that reward customers for using the mobile wallet.”

“Retailers can tie their own loyalty programs into Apple Pay, so that people using the system can rack up points just as they would if paying by cash or a physical credit card,” Kar reports. “But as of yet, there’s nothing that allows consumers to earn more or different rewards for using Apple Pay specifically.”

Kar reports, “The job post confirms what many industry experts in the payments space have been saying for years: Apple needs to get into the rewards game to make its mobile wallet more appealing to consumers.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What was that we wrote last August? Oh, right:

Apple, give us a reason to use Apple Pay beyond looking like tech dorks in front of the line at the register. What’s the incentive to use Apple Pay? There is none besides looking like a flaming nerd. As if Apple doesn’t have any money. That, inexplicably, is how they approach Apple Pay. Hello, Tim? Eddy? Talk to some people who actually go to stores and shop for things, please.

Incentivize its use! Give Apple Pay users a percentage of every dollar spent via Apple Pay to spend at Apple Stores. Something. Anything! Get people used to using it first. Sheesh. It’s really not that difficult. It really isn’t.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “chris renaldi” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s easier, and faster, to tap my card on the payment terminal than frig around with turning Apple Pay on.

    The US is way behind on payment terminals, hence the attraction of Apple Pay. You never see anyone using their iPhones in Sydney – we’ve had “tap and hold” for years. It’s instantaneous with all chip cards, which is all we have here.

    1. You’ve clearly never used Apple Pay, because you don’t have to turn it on when paying. You hold your phone near the reader, with your finger on the home button. That’s it. The payment terminal is detected automatically.

      1. Please be sure of basic facts of a situation before criticizing. There’s no “frigging around”.
        And in addition, Sunbeam, you are ignoring one other major factor – increased security.

        1. Plus as Oz isn’t quite the exclusive panacea of modern payment tech this guy thinks, the UK has equally used tap and pay cards for years and yet I see plenty of use of phones being used its usually quicker or as quick as fiddling for cards from wallets or pockets. MDN is right though there needs to be an incentive to use it instinctively in preference to those other methods or old instincts will hold up its usage.

    2. I can’t possibly imagine how is it faster / easier to:
      1. pull wallet out on one’s pocket (usually, inside pocket)
      2. find the right card in the wallet (two hands needed), pull it out;
      3. tap/swipe/insert chip and then put it back in the wallet (again, two hands needed)
      4. put wallet back in that inside pocket

      compared to:

      1. Pull phone out of the pocket (usually outside pocket)
      2. tap it to the terminal (most people hold the phone in such a way that the thumb is already on the home button)
      3. put the phone back in the pocket (usually inside pocket)

      The other hand is free to do whatever else it needs to do.

      Having used ApplePay for nine months, in my experience, it is definitely more convenient and easier than any credit card, whether mag stripe (swipe), chip&PIN (insert, type PIN) or NFC (tap). And that doesn’t even account for security.

      1. For people like me who don’t use a wallet to carry the 2 Credit cards in my pocket, the steps are no different than that you specify for Apple Pay. Bills are in a billfold. 😛 On the other hand if you are in the habit of using using specific CCs for specific purchases, Apple Pay steps will begin to look similar to that of picking a card from a wallet. Point is if you are using only 1 or 2 CCs, it is not really as different in effort as you make it seem.

        1. My experience is obviously anecdotal, but whenever I’m at checkout at a large store (supermarket, Target, K-Mart, whatever), I see people pulling their wallets, picking the correct card (out of 5+) and swiping / inserting. In 35 years of using credit cards and purchasing things in stores, I would guess I’ve seen tens of thousands of transactions at the register. Overwhelming majority of men, and literally ALL women, did the above (pull a wallet, pick a card). The number of men who had their card in their pocket was rather minuscule, and most were somewhat younger. I suppose as men get older, have families, they accummulate things that they need/want to carry (driver’s license, medical insurance card, commuter train monthly ticket, children’s photos, credit card(s), Costco membership card…), and these are much more easily carried in a wallet. I can’t remember ever seeing a female older than 15 who didn’t carry a wallet/purse.

          In other words, while for you it is clear that the convenience of ApplePay may be slim to none, you seem to be an outlier.

        2. Too many retail merchants still don’t have Apple Pay, everywhere. Even those merchants or cashiers that do have NFC machines with Apple Pay logos on them, don’t know how to use ( or incorporate it) it and either require users to sign a printout from the terminal, or don’t know how to accept it…

          Apple needs to create an Apple Pay implementation training program for most retail merchants, who just don’t get it , or are concracted to a credit card vendor that is the obstacle.

    3. I used Apple Pay in Melbourne with my watch on the tap and pay. It was easy and it was secure. You’re right that Oz is ahead of the US in electronic payment terminals. You’re wrong that Apple Pay isn’t a superior use.

  2. I’m not sure why MDN thinks an Apple Pay user looks like a flaming nerd by taking a phone (which about 80% of people have in their hands when they are standing in line anyway) and holding it near a reader. If the customer is using an Apple Watch to pay, I agree with their take. In any event, an Apple-based loyalty program is an excellent idea.

    1. I’ve encountered two Apple Pay in exactly *two* places since getting my iPhone 6s. Two. None of the stores I regularly visit accept it. The last one was before Christmas – I stopped at a Petsmart to get a stocking stuffer gift since it was next to another store I was going to. The purchase was only $8 or something like that which I would normally pay in cash but used Apple Pay so I could have the experience. Wicked fast. I love it.

      But alas, just nowhere for me to use it.

      I was in a convenience store the other day and watched the guy in front of me try unsuccessfully to swipe his card to pay for some cigarettes. No go. I pointed out he had a EMV chip card and could use the chip reader, but then the clerk said no, that was deactivated. Now that’s just great – not only do they deactivate the much more secure option, they put themselves on the hook for the loss if the card was cloned, which means I pay more for goods because of their incompetence.

      Check this out: Obviously, retailers are friggin’ clueless and the single best thing Apple could do to encourage adoption at a multitude of small businesses would be to have weekly seminars at Apple stores that handhold small business owners all the way through the process.

  3. Too many retail merchants still don’t have Apple Pay, everywhere. Even those merchants or cashiers that do have NFC machines with Apple Pay logos on them, don’t know how to use ( or incorporate it) it and either require users to sign a printout from the terminal, or don’t know how to accept it…

    Apple needs to create an Apple Pay implementation training program for most retail merchants, who just don’t get it , or are concracted to a credit card vendor that is the obstacle..

    1. Except, coins are such a hassle. They are heavy and hard to pick up. At the checkout stand I drop them into one of those donation boxes for poor dyslexic children, or into the Salvation army bucket outside the market. I usually keep one coin, however, when I go to the polling place to vote.

  4. Apple couldn’t sell their way out of a wet paper bag. They have great products that albeit way too expensive, are the best out there…… for now. They don’t have enough industrial or retail capacity to increase market share dramatically. Just take a look at any Apple Store. No room to move, and a huge crowd of people packed into the back 30% of the building. Napoleon was winning big at one time too and we all know what happened to him. Apple is too good of a company to be run by idiots.

    1. “For now?” Since when does Apple not have best of class? Since when can competitors truly compete with their entire ecosystem? Like NEVER. Competitors find it extremely hard to be as across the board as thorough as Apple, even with it’s imperfections. Oh sure, you can get by especially if you’re cheap by nature with other products. As far as Android or Google though – caveat emptor – and it will always be thus. It’s why most Apple users, especially those with the whole magilla, would never consider switching. It really doesn’t get better out there. For now, or probably ever. It’s by the very nature of these products and the companies who make them.

      No one company can supply the whole world with phones. To that extent Android (or second phone manufacturers) is a necessary evil making products for budget challenged & clueless consumers.

      Apple is the Number One company that makes more money than Google, Amazon and Microsoft combined – not bad for a company who “couldn’t sell their way out of a wet paper bag,” eh? Disingenuous much?

      Too expensive maybe for cheapskates, freetards and skinflints. You can also spend plenty on premium Android phones but then you obviously aren’t the type who actually vets out their facts before posting.

      1. Hey Pete, when you say across the board thorough as Apple i take it you don’t mean to include software they release to customers which is renowned for its, well how shall i put it, sh*t standards and complete disregard to its loyal fanbase?

        1. It’s all relative isn’t it? Sh*t implementation is everywhere, it’s a matter of degree and how bad. Android certainly is no panacea and Marshmallow has a litany of unfixed ailments. How much else in your life is an example of perfect and perfection? I thought so. I’ll stick with Apple thanks. Remember – you don’t have to, it’s a free country.

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