“Google won a jury verdict that kills Oracle Corp.’s claim to a $9 billion slice of the search giant’s Android phone business,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg. “Oracle contended that Google needed a license to use its Java programming language to develop Android, the operating system in 80 percent of the world’s mobile devices. Jurors in San Francisco federal court on Thursday rejected that argument and concluded Google made fair use of the code under copyright law.”

“Oracle — which started the trial at an advantage with the judge explaining that it had already been established that Google had infringed Oracle’s copyrights — plans to appeal, though legal experts said overturning a jury verdict will be difficult,” Rosenblatt reports. “Google relied on witnesses including former Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt, who is now chairman of parent company Alphabet Inc., to convince jurors that it used Java to innovate, rather than merely copy code. Before joining Google, Schmidt worked at Sun Microsystems developing and marketing Java. Oracle acquired Sun in 2010 and Schmidt was involved in Google’s failed licensing negotiations that spurred the copyright-infringement lawsuit filed that year by the database maker.”

“Central to Oracle’s bid for what would have been one of the largest jury verdicts in U.S. history was its claim that Google has reaped $21 billion in profit from more than 3 billion activations of Android. Oracle sought damages of $8.8 billion, plus $475 million in what it claims was lost licensing revenue,” Rosenblatt reports. “‘We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market,’ Oracle General Counsel Dorian Daley said in a statement. ‘Oracle brought this lawsuit to put a stop to Google’s illegal behavior. We believe there are numerous grounds for appeal.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Android is a BlackBerry clone that was hastily rejiggered to mimic Apple’s iPhone at the last minute. Obviously, mistakes were made and corners were cut, yet crime pays (Google, at least; the handset assemblers, not so much).

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

So, the Android rush-job is a security nightmare. It’s also a fragmented morass. It’s too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s crap-by-committee, lowest common denominator junk. Apple’s iOS is to Android as a world class chef is to a kitchen full of McDonald’s fry cooks. Google may wear legal teflon, but their product is derivative, me-too, and copied – and everybody in-the-know knows it.

Those who reward blatant thieves by settling for Android garbage deserve their fate. Apple has already won this war by relegating Android to undesirable, unprofitable demographics. Android is the poor man’s iPhone.

Besides, who’d expect the “justice” system to fairly compensate Oracle for Google’s obvious theft when they’ve failed so miserably to do so for Apple?

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