“By the end of 2016, Google aims to switch Chrome users away from Flash in favor of HTML5,” Mark Wilson reports for BetaNews.

“Google says that by Q4 2016, it wants to make HTML5 the primary user experience. Flash support will still be built into the browser, but it will be disabled by default,” Wilson reports. “Ten sites, however, will be given a year’s reprieve.”

Wilson reports, “Google is choosing to make exception for the ten most popular sites that use Flash. The reason behind this decision is to avoid ‘over-prompting’ and to ease the transition to HTML5.”

The ten sites that will be granted a Flash extension are:
• YouTube.com
• Facebook.com
• Yahoo.com
• VK.com
• Live.com
• Yandex.ru
• OK.ru
• Twitch.tv
• Amazon.com
• Mail.ru

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