“The thing about Apple’s financial results is that they lag a month behind reality, so the hottest just-released new products often have little or no impact in the first quarterly report after their release,” jason Snell writes for Macworld. “All of the products Apple introduced on March 21 began shipping on March 31, while Apple’s fiscal second quarter ended March 26. So if you’re looking for a sign that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro or the iPhone SE is doing well in the numbers, you won’t find them.”

“But it’s not all about the numbers. Sometimes it’s about the forecast for next quarter, tidbits of information that Apple executives let out in interviews or during their quarterly conference call with analysts,” Snell writes. “And on Tuesday we got a hint that Apple has a surprising hit product on its hands: the iPhone SE.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s not that surprising since, with the iPhone 5c, people clearly didn’t want the old tech Apple were selling.

Over a year ago, in March 2015, we ran the following poll regarding a 4-inch iPhone and found:

4-inch iPhone MacDailyNews poll

From Apple’s Q216 Conference call with analysts:

iPhone SE became available on March 31, so none of it sales were reflected in our second quarter results, but so far this quarter we’re seeing terrific customer response. iPhone SE is the most powerful phones found ever, and it’s a great option of customers all over the world who want a compact phone with advanced features in a great price without compromising performance. Demand has been very strong and exceed supply at this point, but we are working hard to get the iPhone SE into the hands of every customer who wants this phone as quickly as possible. The addition of the iPhone SE in the iPhone line up places us in a better strategic position to attract even more customers into our eco-system. — Apple CFO Luca Maestri

[With] the iPhone SE we are thrilled with the response that we’ve seen on it. It is clear that there is a demand there even much beyond what we thought. — Apple CEO Tim Cook