First Apple CareKit apps arrive

“Apple sees a huge opportunity to connect patients, doctors, and caregivers using mobile technology. Its flagship devices, such as iPhone and Apple Watch, are continuously collecting health information using sensor-based technology,” Christina Farr reports for Fast Company. “But the next step is to bring this data into the hands of a care team, including doctors, nurses, health coaches, and caregivers.”

“Apple’s CareKit service, which is available today via Github’s open source community, is designed to make it easier for developers to do just that,” Farr reports. “Developers can use CareKit to help patients collect health data, manage their symptoms, and share a report with their care team—all via a mobile phone.”

“Three startups… received early access to the code: One Drop, an app for diabetes management; Glow, maker of reproductive health apps; and Iodine, a medication management app for people with depression,” Farr reports. “The Cleveland Clinic is building an app for patients with respiratory conditions such as asthma, which will be available in the coming days.”

“Many health insiders have praised Apple’s partnership-driven approach. ‘No company is going to solve the problems of health care tomorrow,’ says Jordan Shlain, a Bay Area-based primary care doctor and serial entrepreneur who has advised Apple’s health team in the past,” Farr reports. “‘Apple is helping facilitate rapid prototyping, so we can figure out what works and what doesn’t in this broken, high-regulated system.'”

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