“You should be able to decide what data your broadband or wireless provider shares with marketers,” Marguerite Reardon reports for CNET. “Period.”

“That’s the message the Federal Communications Commission is sending with a proposed regulation intended to safeguard private customer information and to require broadband and wireless companies to get consumers’ permission before sharing data with third parties such as marketers,” Reardon reports. “Chairman Tom Wheeler circulated his proposal among the other four FCC commissioners on Thursday. He expects the entire FCC to vote to open the proposal for public comment at its meeting on March 31. Actual rules would likely be voted on later this year after the comment period ends.”

“If approved, Wheeler’s proposal would establish the strongest set of privacy regulations that has ever been in place for Internet service providers. The proposed broadband and wireless rules, which would give you more control of your data, are in line with cable TV and voice telephony services, which the FCC already regulates,” Reardon reports. “Wheeler’s move comes amid heightened concern over personal privacy, due in part to the ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI over whether the government has the right to compel a company to create a “back door” into our devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, of course, you should be able to decide what data your ISP shares with marketers.