“As the iPhone unlocking case becomes more heated, United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch went on late night television to defend the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s stance,” Catherine Shu reports for TechCrunch.

“Apple is currently fighting against a court order from the government to create special software so law enforcement can unlock the device,” Shu reports. “The company says this would not only compromise the security of all iPhone users, but also set a dangerous precedent for civil liberties. Many other tech firms—including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft—have publicly taken Apple’s side.”

“Colbert stated that Apple chief executive officer Cook ‘says it’s a slippery slope if they invent this backdoor, this cracking of security, then y’all can use it for anything else. He said you can use it to turn on my iPhone and spy on me if you wanted to once you had access,'” Shu reports. “‘First of all, we’re not asking for a backdoor, nor are we asking anyone to turn anything on to spy on anyone.’ Lynch replied.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Lying lackey Loretta Lynch.

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