“The FBI on Thursday threatened to raise the stakes in its legal battle with Apple, suggesting it might demand access to the iPhone maker’s source code and secret electronic signature used to verify the legitimacy of its software updates,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance.

“The FBI currently is seeking to force Apple to write a special version of its iOS software with some security features disabled so that the bureau can try to crack the passcode on an iPhone 5C used by deceased San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook,” Pressman reports. “But in a court filing on Thursday, the FBI said that if can’t require Apple to create the weakened software, it may demand access to what it described as Apple’s ‘crown jewels’ instead.”

“Source code is the list of programming code instructions used to create the software that runs the iPhone,” Pressman reports. “The code controls everything from the background colors on the screen to the most critical security protections the phone has. Apple’s secret signature is a digital ‘key’ required to update software on all iPhones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The FBI needs to put down the crack pipe.

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