FBI warns it could demand Apple’s iPhone code and secret electronic signature

“The FBI on Thursday threatened to raise the stakes in its legal battle with Apple, suggesting it might demand access to the iPhone maker’s source code and secret electronic signature used to verify the legitimacy of its software updates,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance.

“The FBI currently is seeking to force Apple to write a special version of its iOS software with some security features disabled so that the bureau can try to crack the passcode on an iPhone 5C used by deceased San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook,” Pressman reports. “But in a court filing on Thursday, the FBI said that if can’t require Apple to create the weakened software, it may demand access to what it described as Apple’s ‘crown jewels’ instead.”

“Source code is the list of programming code instructions used to create the software that runs the iPhone,” Pressman reports. “The code controls everything from the background colors on the screen to the most critical security protections the phone has. Apple’s secret signature is a digital ‘key’ required to update software on all iPhones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The FBI needs to put down the crack pipe.

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    1. Some believe many of us are in a parallel universe as a result of CERN’s actions. It’s called the “Mandela Effect” and could be ongoing. I did some minimum research, and it’s possible the event/start occurred between February 2015 and July of 2015 timeframe.

      Basically, what is happening is many cultural references are different from what many remember. The most notable example is the phrase, “Luke, I am your father.” If you watch the movie now it’s been changed to, “No, I am your father.” Look at your DVD or VHS collection and play the movie. Other famous lines have changed from, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall” to “Magic Mirror on the wall”. It’s now, “Life WAS a box of chocolates”, etc.

      There are many other changes, including maybe even geographical changes. Many remember Korea located south of Hong Kong and much further south than where it is today. Some think New Zealand Is too far south now, China is much smaller than it used to be (now it’s the same size as the U.S.). South America is now slightly more towards the East, etc.

      It’s sounds fantastic, but many physicists believe in various types of parallel and/or multiple universes. The parallel universe we could be experiencing would be the pages in the book type, where each universe is slightly different than the next, but all the laws of physics are the same. And CERN was trying to open a portal to another universe. Remember, Hawking warned that Earth could be destroyed by a blackhole because of CERN?

      If we did jump or merge with a parallel universe then maybe some of our memories have remain intact. It could be like some information remaining at the edge of a blackhole.

      Or maybe it’s all just BS; our memories are playing tricks, people honestly believe that the Earth is flat now and Donald Drumpf is the next savior.

        1. B9bot said it feels like a dictatorship country. Apple was beloved in my universe by most. There were some exceptions, but I think most respect the positive impact Apple has had on the world. Now, Apple is being smeared by the government? It just seems so unbelievable. I’m suggesting the reason why is this could be a different universe for many.

        2. And believe me, I’m still trying to come to terms with this parallel universe thing. I just learned about this last week and it has thrown me for a loop. It sounds crazy and unbelievable, but Trump? Come on now that’s almost just as crazy. The FBI fighting with Apple? Crazy. Plus other weird stuff I am seeing now that doesn’t make sense. None of it makes sense. AAPL crashing after they destroyed earnings last year. Make sense?

          Some have suggested a demonic or alien hand, but my best guess is spacetime has been coerced somehow by us. I can go on, but don’t want to bump all these excellent posts. Peace.

      1. Way off subject here but I can’t resist, those ridiculous examples you gave are the result of lines being misquoted and remembered incorrectly.
        ” Luke I am your father ” doesn’t even make sense in the context of the conversation. I think that misquote was in part thanks to the Simpsons or whatever cartoon where they parodied lion king and used that line. Many people probably saw that episode many more times than they saw the Empire strikes back.

        OK back on subject, FBI this is just all absurd. What I really don’t understand is how it is possible for Apple to build a cracked version of iOS for them and get it to install the device without unlocking it in the first place. Other articles about this say Apple is being asked to build a device not a new version of iOS. I guess Apple has ways to force iOS upgrade on devices without the user interaction but they just don’t make this known to us. In other words, it sounds like Apple has the ability to force my iPad to upgrade to iOS 10 without me knowing ?

      2. Actually I checked my VHS of Star Wars from pre-modifications and it seems the FBI came into my home and changed my tapes. It now says “No Luke, I’m your pops and in the future, tell sister that your mother didn’t die when Leia was very young. Tell her that was her adopted mother and her real mother died just after childbirth.”

  1. Are Americans paying attention with this case and think the government is about getting into the one Muslim terrorists iPhone? You people get it yet? This is ALL ABOUT YOU, The People and your privacy no more.

      1. Consider for just a second who it is that Director Comey works for.

        Now keep that in mind.

        Do you for one second actually believe that the FBI director is doing anything at all that isn’t approved by his higher ups? Do you seriously believe that he’s doing anything at all in public that is his lone action, and not policy dictated by his superiors?

        If you do, it’s time to switch to decaf, at the very least. That, or drug supplier.

    1. As a result of Oblahblah’s contempt for Congress and his unwillingness to engage with the legislative process, the vast majority of the items that make up Oblahblah’s legacy — including the national energy tax, executive amnesty, and the flawed Iran deal — are not actual laws. Instead, Oblahblah’s legacy is largely made up of regulations, executive actions, and executive agreements, most of which can be easily overturned by the next administration. In addition, Obamacare is already collapsing under its own weight.

      Since Oblahblah took office, 85 of 98 state legislative bodies have become more Republican, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy.

      1. How you have the face to even still appear with a boatload of monkeys running on the k ticket is unfathomable dickhead.

        Even better, like pointed out already, with all your swager and pretense, you actually would vote for Trump if he won the nomination, making you not only a typical republican hypocrite but a low life worm. See yiu in hell asshole where they’ll keep you on ht spit with a skewer up your ass perpetually.

        1. Let’s see now Breeze; boat load of monkeys, unfathomable dickhead, swagger and pretense, typical, hypocrite, low life worm, asshole, and skewer up your a$$. You have quite the vocabulary. I think based on your thought process alone that I would vote for whomever you were against.

      2. Inability to engage with the legislative process?! Fwhatever, are you talking about the same Republican majority Congress who have made it their policy to oppose anything and everything from President Obama or the Democrats in general? Several Republican members stated that their primary job was to get Obama out of office. Think about that… Shouldn’t their primary goal be to develop and enact prudent legislation, develop and pass a budget, etc.? Republicans should quit signing pledges saying what they won’t do and actually sit down at the table to debate policy and arrive at a reasonable compromise.

        And here is the kicker. The Republicans failed to oust Obama from office despite seven years of obstructionism and other means like impeachment threats. Meanwhile, the U.S. has bumbled its way through the last seven years with a completely dysfunctional legislative branch. I do not hold the Democrats blameless, but the Republican Party of No has clearly been unwilling to compromise since 2009. I have not seen anything approaching this level of abrogation of duty in the rest of my many decades of life.

        If the Republican Party nominates Trump, then I had better never hear another word out of you griping about any non-Republican President!! You only have your self-destructive selves to blame…McCain with Palin, Romney, and now Trump?? And you have the gall to point fingers at the other guys when your own political stupidity knows no bounds. You have no credibility.

        Now, how about we start working together to do the right things for this country and its people?! Let’s start with tax reform, then work on improving the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, and then immigration and so on.

        1. Not one of the failed co-ops under Obamacare has repaid a single dollar of the $1.2 billion in federal loans they received, according to a majority staff report produced by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

          Over the last nine months, the subcommittee investigated the 23 co-ops including the 12 that have failed and the 11 that remain in operation to see whether the Department of Health and Human Services properly handled taxpayer dollars in investing in these programs.

          “It is unlikely they will pay any significant fraction back,” he said. “The latest statements show that the failed co-ops’ non-loan liabilities exceed $1.13 billion—which is 93 percent greater than their reported assets, including money they expect to receive. On top of that, they owe $1.2 billion to the federal government. We should not hold our breath on repayment.”

          Andy Slavitt, acting administrator for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicaid Services, said that he does not expect taxpayers will be repaid when asked by Sen. Ben Sasse (R., Neb.) what percent of the loans would be paid back.


          1. Obamacare “was a program which a first year economics student should have been able to identify as a sinking ship, but the Democrats were motivated by political reasons to keep flushing cash into it to preserve the tale they were spinning about the American healthcare market. Those assumptions proved false and now a billion dollars of your money has sailed off into the sunset.” — Jazz Shaw

      3. why even respond to this guy ? (and a couple of others of his ilk)he is such an obvious troll, posting to gain attention and get somebodies goat.

        my suggestion is to just ignore him, don’t even vote him down, just pass his messages by and leave all those little blank stars blank, except, of course for the ones he votes for himself.

    2. Yes, nothing bad happened under Bush. No terrorist attacks on the US, no Worldwiide Depression, no illegal,wars based on a lie, no torture, you have nothing but racist hate and lies.

  2. The FBI relies on their bluster and television “persona” to intimidate and bulldoze the people into thinking they know all things about everybody at all times………

    Fortunately, Apple can afford the BEST LEGAL representation on the planet and do it with the “ashtray money” out of Tim’s company car.

    FBI— Famous But Incompetent……!!

  3. My dog is getting real tired of hearing me yell “WTF is wrong with these assholes,” every time I sit down at my computer and open MDN in my browser.

    Orwell’s only mistake was the year.

  4. Has anyone at the FBI,NSA etc wondered why this iPhone was on these terrorists as they destroyed their own phones ?

    Where was it found, in his/her pocket, lying on the ground, in his desk ?

    Has it occurred to them that it may be a plant by the terrorists so that this crisis between Apple and other tech companies are thrown into chaos in order to screw the US economy ?

    Just a thought

  5. Just a thought…
    What if when push comes shove… And congress passes provisions for this encryption fiasco which force Apple to make compromises.

    Let just say it does happen.

    Can Apple sell their devices with weakened secuity out if the box.. And also prepare an App (either in house or through some affilation or autonomously) that if downloaded and installed will bring back the security to its full potential.

    This way Apple complied…
    Yet the user chose to install an after market software that secures their phone.

    Are FBI , DOJ.. Going to attempt to outlaw all encryption software availible out there? ….i Don’t see that Being possible ….

    Any thoughts..

    1. A number of debates are on-going about this. Frankly, you would force a company to sell a defective substandard product. You could also destroy the company. Consumers would sue, and/or buy from a off-shore company not subjected to the Congressional stupidy if at all possible.

      1. Well. If such a law passes.. Any phone sold in us will be subject to it… .dont u think.

        My thought above is not about supporting such a law… But a “what if” senario..
        Could that offer a solution … A slap back in the face of FBI …
        Just brainstorming.

    2. The FBI is opening Pandora’s Box. We will lose all our rights and privacy and the FBI doesn’t give a tinkers damn about it. They will be spying on us 24-7. Can you say New World Order, its coming people and it can’t be stopped! Just my .02 cents…

    3. Wouldn’t they just ask for the new key then? If it’s a third party app then they will just bully that company.

      Maybe a company based outside of the U.S. could sell a device with no backdoors in the U.S. The OS would have to be something different than Android or Windows though. Obviously, this would seriously hurt all U.S. based tech companies if a non U.S. company had this competitive advantage. It kind of makes you think that Samsung could be behind this whole charade.

  6. For anyone seriously interested in this topic, I strongly recommend reading “Apple, FBI, and the Burden of Forensic Methodology” by iOS forensic digital security expert Jonathan Zdziarsk. His blog is a weighty read, but the more you plod through it, the more his experience and insights make sense.

    Zdziarsk has worked with law enforcement agencies including the FBI for many years, and in his blog linked below, he methodically peels away the BS in the FBI’s accusations, assertions, and twisted logic. If you have any doubts about Apple’s position in this fight, Zdziarsk’s blog will dissolve them. Highly recommended.


    1. Thanks for the link, Brian. Zdziarski put more of a human face on this weird antagonism between Apple, who wants to do the right thing the right way, and the Department of Justice, who wants to do the right thing as they see it.

      I don’t know if’s apropos or not, but I felt strangely ill starting around the time the FBI dropped the gauntlet in front of Apple. Long story short, I ended up talking to a psychiatrist… It emerged that when I was a nine-year-old girl an FBI agent questioned me about the Weathermen, a group of social activists suspected of terrorism. He was gentle enough but I had nightmares for a long time.

      When my father found out about it, he stormed into the local FBI office and accused them of intimidating children. They denied everything. Later, however, my father, a federal employee and decorated veteran, found paths to his retirement benefits blocked, and his petition to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery rejected. He told me about all this many years later, with bitterness in his voice.

      Because of this family trauma, I can’t help but disbelieve any words spoken by anybody whosoever in government. They have lost my trust for life. Now before I cast a vote, I flip a coin.

  7. Remember the novel “1984”, in which there was a camera in the wall watching you. That sounds pretty tame compared to the government wanting citizens to have devices (iPhones) which track and record everything about people, and the government can access at any time . . . and the FBI guys are like, “And . . . uh . . . what’s the big deal?”

    1. Conspicuously, Charlie Rose has NOT released his recent interview with General Hayden on YouTube. Thankfully, CBS has released their interview with General Hayden, with Charlie Rose in tow.

      Michael Hayden on Apple’s fight with FBI

      General Hayden, February 22, 2016:

      My judgement in this particular case is that universal back doors, although it may facilitate American law enforcement for very good purposes, on balance, on balance, actually are an overall negative for American security, not just privacy.


      1. An overall negative ? — At that I gasp deeply and hope against hope that less shrill voices will hold sway in this contest of politicial will. My grandmother has summoned me to the high country for safety’s sake.

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