Apple: U.S. Justice Dept attempting to ‘smear’ company by taking a ‘cheap shot’

According to reports, Apple’s lead counsel has accused the ironically-named U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday of trying to “smear” the company by trafficking in “desperate, unsubstantiated” claims in its ongoing effort to force Apple to bastardize its iOS operating system to hack an encrypted iPhone linked to one of the San Bernardino, California Islamic terrorists.

On a press call, Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell told reporters, “The tone of the brief reads like an indictment.” Sewell was referring to a response filing the Justice Department submitted earlier on Thursday that accused Apple of making “false” statements.

Sewell characterized the latest DOJ filing as relying on thinly sourced media reports to inaccurately suggest that Apple had in some way colluded with the Chinese government to undermine iOS users’ security.

MacDailyNews Take: The U.S. government’s festival of speciosity increases along with their desperation.

Man is not free unless government is limited. — Ronald Reagan

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  1. Its the FBI J. Edgar II – Comey, using the US government and massive republican backup to his Ashcroft llike agenda.

    Home of the Brave, Land of the Free…

    What a slippery slope and how the world turns…

    1. Actually, you ignoramus, its the Obama Department of Justice. You are apparently unaware that we are in our 7th year of the Obama regime. Democrat all the way. Pure power mad socialist thugs.

        1. Hey, Jackass, the Department of Justice is under Obama. Did you even read the story. Apple says the DOJ is trying to smear it. The DOJ is under the Attorney General, you moron. It is all under Obama. Obama is the head of the government, you jackass.

          1. And you think this will all stop if Trump, Cruz, or Rubio take office in January? Neither side has your best interest in mind. How have you not figured that out by now?

  2. I was in China for a few weeks. No Google services function, including Google Play, their App Store. All of Apple’s services worked. I’d assume this is because Apple caved to Beijing. They must have given them the ability to spy. China is very paranoid about its own people.

  3. This can of worms may lead to back doors. That was not what the FBI asked for. Tim may have just put back doors in everything, and not from the software stand point. Intel now be require this at the chip level pc(s) not to mention other component suppliers…

    Tim reminds me of bad luck Sleprock from the from the Flintstones…now every country may demand access(to the code) based on public safety reasons. They don’t care whether apple sells a phone in their countries, they aren’t receiving any tax dollars, so, what do they care.

    Sometimes it’s best to say no quietly then try to embarrass people. DOJ, FBI, Congress, Supreme Court, the British government, the French government,the government of India, bad decision Tim strikes again…

    This look into everything was passed with Republicans crafting the bill, signed by a republican president, so of course apple can’t turn the those so called business friendly folks, they wrote the law, and the current president, DOJ, must follow the law until changed. If you are voting for republicans then this law stays, just that simple.

    Apple’s choice… stop selling in countries that demand the code, fine. Shareholder will sue. What a mess, shareholders, all over the world filing, justice departments all over the world, what a mess. Really what do they care, an American will not comply with their countries court orders,they will say fine get out. what, the other techs agree with that stance, fine you followed them so far keep following , they are leaving. I guess we will see.

    Don’t kid yourself linux is not that bad.

  4. THIS is MY government in desperation mode:

    Sewell characterized the latest DOJ filing as relying on thinly sourced media reports to inaccurately suggest that Apple had in some way colluded with the Chinese government to undermine iOS users’ security.


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