“I tend to think of tablets as ‘indoor’ devices, used primarily at home or the office — places rife with Wi-Fi,” Rick Broida reports for CNET. “But what happens when you go out into the world and need connectivity? Now you have to pay for a 4G plan, right?”

“Not necessarily,” Broida reports. “As it has for a while now, T-Mobile offers a free 200MB-per-month data plan to anyone with a compatible tablet.”

“I don’t mean ‘free if you’re already a T-Mobile customer’ or ‘free with your existing smartphone plan’ or ‘free not including several dollars in taxes and fees, not to mention whatever overage charges you’ll almost certainly incur,'” Broida reports. “I mean free. No strings attached, no credit card required, no b.s.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Actually, as noted in the full article, it will cost you a total of $20.99 to get a T-Mobile SIM card if you do not have one, but after that you can have 200MB-per-month of data for free.