“Longing to see an unaltered edition of 1977’s A New Hope — without the decades of special edition makeovers — a group reportedly spent thousands of dollars and years of effort to restore to a faded print of Star Wars to the best-seen-yet high-definition version of the original cut of the film — and then leaked it online,” James Hibberd reports for EW.

“Calling themselves Team Negative1, the group (at least, their leader claims there’s a group) quietly released their ‘Silver Screen Theatrical Version’ last month to message board acclaim,” Hibberd reports. “Then on Tuesday, film writer Corey Atad posted a lengthy interview with the primary fan behind the restoration, chronicling his extensive frame-by-frame efforts to recreate a version that’s quite close to what fans first saw in theaters 39 years ago.”

More info: Star Wars: 35mm Silver Screen Theatrical Version

“The Silver Screen version is without the special editions’ dialogue tweaks, visual polish, and Mos Eisley’s added CGI creatures, and Han naturally shoots first (Atad points out that it’s actually jarring to realize that not only does Han fire first, but Greedo doesn’t shoot at all),” Hibberd reports. “George Lucas has famously refused to release a high-quality 1977 version of his classic film.”

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MacDailyNews Take: George Lucas is not a top flight film director or screenwriter. “Idea man,” yes. Feature film director or screenwriter, no.

If his prior filmography wasn’t enough (Star Wars was saved by his editors, most notably, Lucas’ ex-wife, Marcia Lucas, John Williams’ genius score, and Harrison Ford’s charisma) we offer up I, II, III reasons as absolute proof and we’ll even throw in a duck.