“In February, web engineers released a way to move information over the web. Called HTTP/2, the new protocol is designed to make web traffic faster and more efficient,” Russell Brandom reports for The Verge. “In the months since it was formally approved, the challenge has been getting the rest of the web to use it.”

“Today, the protocol is taking a big step forward, thanks to a new deployment from the content distribution network CloudFlare,” Brandom reports. “Starting today, HTTP/2 will be available by default to all the company’s customers, more than doubling the adoption for the fledgling web standard. CEO Matthew Prince says the company has been rolling out support for the protocol slowly over the past week, and company scans indicate three out of four sites using HTTP/2 on the Alexa top million are already doing so through CloudFlare.”

“The most noticeable result for users will be faster page speeds,” Brandom reports. “HTTP/2 won’t make pages significantly smaller, but the same data will require fewer round trips to the server, cutting load times by as much as half in some tests.”

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