Major internet backbone company is about to make a lot of websites load much faster

“In February, web engineers released a way to move information over the web. Called HTTP/2, the new protocol is designed to make web traffic faster and more efficient,” Russell Brandom reports for The Verge. “In the months since it was formally approved, the challenge has been getting the rest of the web to use it.”

“Today, the protocol is taking a big step forward, thanks to a new deployment from the content distribution network CloudFlare,” Brandom reports. “Starting today, HTTP/2 will be available by default to all the company’s customers, more than doubling the adoption for the fledgling web standard. CEO Matthew Prince says the company has been rolling out support for the protocol slowly over the past week, and company scans indicate three out of four sites using HTTP/2 on the Alexa top million are already doing so through CloudFlare.”

“The most noticeable result for users will be faster page speeds,” Brandom reports. “HTTP/2 won’t make pages significantly smaller, but the same data will require fewer round trips to the server, cutting load times by as much as half in some tests.”

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      1. Was any of that really supposed to make sense?

        But for good measure, I have never heard of leaders of a Communist Party in ANY country living the ‘communal’ life.

        I know we are supposed to believe only American’s are fat cats, but I’m pretty sure other countries have influential elitist. 😉

        1. Trading non-sense is one good way to tease out the truth of things!

          Netflix couldn’t secure enough first-run content, so they developed House of Cards. When it became a hit, I sensed market disruption happening, and mentally fast-forwarded to 2018 to enjoy the imagined spectacle of Comcast reduced to a poor dumb pipe. (sob)

          1. Comcast already knows what they will be doing in 5 years.
            They’ve known it for the past 8 at least.

            It’s all a matter of transition and buildout. No one is doubting the future of cable, except those that don’t have a clue how it works.

            Faster speeds with higher and higher caps, integrated video and voice, no more paid content but rather subscription to studios is the future.

            (and mark these words, when you are in your 80s, you will remember these days as the time of CHEAP entertainment)

            There is no stopping progress, though.
            ¡viva a la carté! Down with the bull!!!

            (the future of entertainment)

            1. The common gripe of Comcast customers I’ve talked to is not the cost of programming per se, but the present system of bundling content, leading to channel exhaustion and a sour feeling of being made to subsidise other people’s programming choices. It has been pointed out, by you I think, among others, that content providers or distributors, not cable companies, insisted on that model. Are you saying that model is going to be supplanted by studio subscriptions? They sound just like apps.

            2. Off topic, but this is supposed to be an improvement of the iOS MacDailyNews app? It’s just standard WordPress nesting idiocy…Plus I’m no longer signed in!!!!

              Bad move, MDN!!!! 😡😤

            3. Oh boy, we will keep commenting and commenting until the thread is one character wide! And the stupid ad to the right is bleeding into my comment box. Yay!

      2. Look up the Politiburo for starters. Then get a clue about how those who are part of the state bureaucracy benefit most from any state system. Did Consescu (sp) live like a king or not? How did the heads of the secret police do in such societies?

        I’m stunned at your ignorance.

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