“We now know that Apple Music has 11 million people trying it since it launched last month, thanks to a new USA Today story,” Chris O’Brien writes for VentureBeat. “In an interview, Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services, Eddy Cue, told USA Today, “We’re thrilled with the numbers so far.”

“I’m one of those trying it. And while I’m glad he’s thrilled, I can’t exactly say the feeling is mutual. While I still have two months to go before the trial ends, I can’t imagine paying for Apple Music,” O’Brien writes. “The last two years, I’ve been a paying Spotify user. So I’m more than happy to spend $10 per month on music.”

“Frankly, after using Apple Music for a month, I’m still not sure why Apple is even bothering to try to get into the streaming game. There is nothing in terms of features on the service that I can’t find elsewhere. Beats 1 Radio is quite good, but I can continue to listen to that without paying for Apple Music,” O’Brien writes. “As many others have noted, the Apple Music discovery elements are very strong. The curated playlists are also very good, and they often serve up old albums I hadn’t listened to in a while. The rest of it, though, remains a confusing, frustrating mess… The functionality is the point, at least for me. Most of us will have a hard time comparing catalogues when we’re talking 30 million tracks. But it’s annoying and time-consuming to manage Apple Music.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last month:

Apple, take a step back and look at the iTunes app anew. Look at it as if, say, it was a piece of Microsoft software (it certainly looks and acts like one) and approach it as if you’re about to enter the market. What would Apple do? Laugh at what a POS it is and then get to work creating a coherent, easy-to-use solution.

Just like you did with personal computers, MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets make this experience for end users again. Look at what Apple did with non-linear editing via iMovie. You made something very complex into something simple, understandable, and usable for everyone. Reinvent. Simplify. Delight us. Surprise us. That’s why you get the big money.

Give “iTunes” to another Apple team, or teams, or even bring in some outside talent, and see what their fresh eyes might imagine.

And, as we wrote on July 17th:

Apple, especially under Steve Jobs, has shown a great and admirable willingness to cannibalize themselves. They obliterated their iPod business with the iPhone, for one example. But, when it comes to iTunes, they seem paralyzed by fear of change. Apple paralyzed by fear is not a pretty thing and it doesn’t yield pretty things. It yields hot messes like iTunes.

iTunes screams to be broken up into separate, streamlined apps. It’s been screaming that for years. But Apple seems to be scared silly to do so — perhaps 800+ million credit cards have something to do with it — so they’ve tinkered around the edges, making questionable tweaks here an there and bolting on even more bloat.

Grow a pair, Apple, and do what needs to be done already.

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