If you think Apple stock is doing badly, take a look at beleaguered Samsung

“As investors fret about a plunge in Apple Inc., the losses in Samsung Electronics Co. are even deeper,” Kyoungwha Kim reports for Bloomberg.

“Samsung has tumbled 16 percent this year as weakening demand for the company’s Galaxy smartphones spurred a fifth straight profit decline in the second quarter,” Kim reports. “The stock — Korea’s largest by market value — has lost $60 billion since this year’s peak and dropped a further 3.8 percent on Thursday.”

“Sluggish demand for the company’s high-end Galaxy 6 prompted it to cut prices just four months after the device’s debut, while Chinese rivals eat away at its cheaper models,” Kim reports. “Apple, the biggest stock in the world, has fallen more than 10 percent from its February high… Even after the decline, Apple shares are the highest relative to those of its Korean rival by the most in two decades.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And Samsung’s plunge is actually even warranted. Imagine that!

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  1. There is no comparison for the two. Apple is making record profits. Samsung is losing money. Apple stock should be up period. Samsung deserves the stock plunge. Apple stock is being miss treated as always for piss poor excuses and made up fairytales of things to come which are untrue. The market always twists record results with there own stupidity and as always there stupidity wins and they drop the stock.

    1. b9bot . . . while I completely concur with the substance of your post, I must admit that I could barely read all the way through it without laughing. Please, PLEASE get an English language Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage manual and focus hard on homophones, confusing as they sometimes are: miss treated ≠ mistreated, which ≠ that, there ≠ their, et al.

    2. I think that Samsung is still profitable, overall. Some of its divisions may be losing money, but others are making enough to compensate plus some, the last time that I checked.

      I am not saying that the pricing of AAPL is “fair” relative to other stocks. The stock market is not nearly as rational as many analysts and economists would like everyone to believe. You can chart P/E multiples and PEG ratios and 200-day moving averages and such as much as you like, but some FUD monger/manipulator can render that work meaningless with a well-placed, unsubstantiated rumor.

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