“The Apple Watch hasn’t exactly been the success the iPod, iPhone, and iPad initially were (though to be fair the iPhone and iPod weren’t that great the first year either); with demand matching that of the iPod’s currently, and Apple apparently rushing to get a revised model out the door, things aren’t looking good for this product,” Rob Enderle writes for TechZone360.

MacDailyNews Take: Enderle’s “evidence” of “demand matching that of the iPod” are Google searches. That, of course, is not an accurate measure of demand. Enderle’s “evidence” of “Apple apparently rushing to get a revised model out the door” are the standard rumors and speculation about Apple Watch 2. That, of course, is not evidence of Apple “rushing to get a revised model out the door.” One sentence in: Two lies already.

“The reasons the Apple Watch isn’t doing well are that its name works against it, it likely should have come before and not after the iPhone, and we wear it like a watch, not like the amazing new device it should be,” Enderle writes. “I expect that by the third version Apple will find its stride with this product or send it to the great Apple graveyard in the sky.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Rob Enderle is a fool’s fool.

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