“After the visual overhaul Apple gave to Yosemite, it’s perhaps no surprise that this year’s desktop and laptop refresh is altogether more muted,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo. “This is a step rather than a leap forward, but there are still a lot of little improvements that are worth the upgrade.”

“I’ve been working with OS X El Capitan for a couple of weeks now,” Nield writes. “Assessing speed and stability improvements on a developer beta isn’t really fair game but from our experience Apple isn’t kidding—overall the system feels slicker and more robust. Yes, we spotted bugs and graphical glitches, but they’re few and far between even a few months away from launch.”

“This brave new world of free OS upgrades has largely removed the debate about whether or not to make the switch: El Capitan looks faster, more useful and more reliable than anything that’s come before it,” Nield writes. “The average Mac owner may not notice too much of a change—apart from that font—but those savvy enough to adapt to the new shortcuts, tools, and tweaks are going to find they add up to a more useful machine.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In some ways, both the iOS 9 beta and OS X El Capitan betas feel more stable than Apple shipping OSes (not counting OS X 10.4 or iOS 8.4, both of which are finally at the quality level we expect from Apple).