“If more than one Mac- or iOS device-using person lives under your roof — or if you share your Mac with one or more people — using Photos in a family situation can be a complicated affair,” Lesa Snider writes for Macworld. “Because you can’t share Photos libraries across a network, you quickly end up with multiple libraries (one for each Mac user account) and nobody remembers which pictures live where. It’s a nightmare; but fortunately, Apple has a solution.”

“Family Sharing enables you to create a special group that you invite family members to join,” Snider writes. “The end result is a shared album named Family that everyone in the group can access (and it can’t be shared with anyone outside the group). Family members can easily add or remove their own pictures and videos, which are viewable and downloadable by everyone in the group. This album is also accessible on the Web; just visit iCloud.com and sign into your iCloud account to see all the goodies it contains.”

“It’s a great long-term solution, too. For example, as family members get additional iOS devices, their own Macs, or they move away (yippee!), their unique Apple ID ensures that all their pictures, videos, emails, and so on migrate to the new devices. Plus they can continue to share digital proof of their adventures, even from far away,” Snider writes. “And that’s not all; the Family album is just one of several services that you can share among the members in your group. Other services include a shared Calendar, purchases from Apple’s App store, iBooks store, and iTunes store, and tracking the locations of Macs and iOS gadgets.”

How to set up family sharing in Photos here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we move from the, uh, less-than-optimal iPhoto era to the new and improved times where Photos rules, this is a good article to have and bookmark for review anytime you need it.