“After a month of use,” Matthew Miller reports for ZDNet, “the Apple Watch is my favorite smartwatch so far and it’s helping keep my SIM card in my iPhone 6 Plus. It’s definitely not an essential accessory, but it has surpassed my expectations.”

“I was very worried about the official reported 18 hour battery life. I use my Apple Watch from 4:30 am to 10:00 pm every day, charging it up while I sleep at night, and regularly put it on the charger with 30 to 40 percent remaining,” Miller reports. “I switch between the utility, modular, Mickey Mouse, and motion faces, but primarily stick with utility. They all look fantastic and I like how I can customize colors and essential information.”

“I am honestly standing up more at the office every day thanks to my Apple Watch. Reminders like this will change lives over the long term. The activity app is colorful, basic, and easily accessible which are all things that make it so functional,” Miller reports. “Apple Watch user interface is different and there is a slight learning curve. However, the hardware is fantastic, the UI is smooth and flashy, the battery life is excellent, and developers are actively making apps for the platform. The Apple Watch is a winner…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, you don’t wear an Apple Watch (or any other watch) smashed into your wrist joint, to near to your hand (see full article). And, yes, the Apple Watch is unmatched.