“Using an iPad as a second monitor for Macs is nothing new,” James Kendrick writes for ZDNet. “Air Display from Avatron has been around for years, but using Wi-Fi to connect Mac and iPad wasn’t the best as it resulted in laggy performance.”

“Air Display fans will be thrilled to hear that Air Display 3 [US$14.99] has been released and it adds the ability to connect the iPad to the Mac over USB,” Kendrick writes. “The connection is the same as that of Duet Display, a lightning charging cable is plugged into the iPad and the USB plug into the Mac. The Mac sees the iPad once connected and instantly fires up the second monitor.”

“One of the benefits of using the iPad as a second monitor is that touch operation is fully supported on the tablet,” Kendrick writes. “It is very cool and useful to operate OS X via touch. It shows that if OS X had native touch operation it would be a nice feature.”

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