“What’s the optimum way to charge your phone?” Simon Hill asks for Digital Trends.

“‘The sweet spot for Lithium-ion batteries is to keep them charged between 50 and 80 percent. This allows for the charged ions to continue to work and protect the life of your battery,’ says Shane Broesky, co-founder of Farbe Technik, a company that makes charging accessories. ‘Charging your device in short spurts throughout the day will give these ions just enough energy to keep them going,'” Hill reports.

“So frequent top ups, rather than one daily charge up is healthier for your battery,” Hill reports. “It’s not convenient, but that’s the optimal way to charge your smartphone if you want to ensure the longest life possible… ‘Try to avoid going from 0 to 100 percent whenever possible, this will start to break down your battery and give your device a shorter lifespan.’ Shane suggests.”

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