Maybe this is the real reason Apple made the iPhone bigger

“Many of tech’s largest firms reported fourth-quarter earnings this week, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Facebook. For the most part, results were as expected—nothing exceptionally high or embarrassingly low,” Dan Frommer writes for Quartz. “That is, except Apple, which beat analysts’ sales estimates by a wide margin, thanks to one product alone: the new iPhone.”

“A big part of the iPhone’s success can likely be attributed to one decision: To finally offer it in larger sizes, matching the phones that Android rivals, such as Samsung and Motorola, have made for years,” Frommer writes. “Paul Kedrosky, the financial commentator, theorized this week that Apple has created a ‘portability deficit’ —i.e., big phones are cumbersome. This, Kedrosky posits, will prove helpful as Apple starts selling its new iPhone accessory, the Apple Watch, this April.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Close, but the iPhone 6 quite is portable. Even iPhone 6 Plus is portable enough. All phones are cumbersome to the same degree. They have to be pulled out, woken up, and poked at.

President George H.W. Bush looks at his watch during the 1992 presidential campaign debate at the University of Richmond, Va. on Oct. 15, 1992 (Photo: Associated Press)
President George H.W. Bush looks at his watch during the 1992 presidential campaign debate at the University of Richmond, Va. on Oct. 15, 1992 (Photo: Associated Press)
What Apple created was not a “portability deficit,” but a world of iPhone/iPhone knockoff addicts. Apple will change the world again with Apple Watch, replacing iPhone zombies and iPhones on and under dining tables and everywhere else (you know, the stuff the older set complain about: “People nowadays, always looking at their gizmos, nobody can even have a conversation”) with quick glances of the wrist – like in the days of yore. In presidential debates, even.

As we wrote yesterday: With iPhone, Apple changed the fabric of our everyday lives: All around the world today, you see people constantly pulling phones from pockets and staring at them. With Apple Watch, Apple will change behavior worldwide once again. A quick glance at your Watch and you’re off. No more smartphone zombies. Watch and see.


  1. Apple’s success is what Apple’s success is always about. They innovate and do not rush something to market to be first. They bring something that is best and integrates into their entire ecosystem. They were not delaying big screens for the Apple Watch, but the Apple watch will work great with big screens and make little screens do more tricks (health data, Apple Pay, Home Kit). This won’t force people to upgrade their phones and create more customer loyalty for iPhone 5 and 5S owners, but will encourage them to buy an iWatch and be part of a new ecosystem. Meanwhile everyone else will start trying to copy the features of the iWatch into their products, but be incapable of copying the two things that matter, the ecosystem and incredible grateful and loyal high end customers.

    1. Being last to the market with a large smart phone is hardly innovation. Apple should have had a large iPhone at least a year earlier. Despite the success that the iPhone 6 is having now, the truth is that Tim Cook screwed up big time. These huge quarterly revenues should have been coming in a year ago.

  2. Your choice of photo is a glimpse into the future created by the Apple Watch. Now we have the phenomenon of folks bending their necks to view their iPhone screens, leading to a documented increase in poor posture. Soon we’ll have the “Bush pose,” an increase in people holding up their wrists to view their Apple watch and appearing even more dorky and disengaged from the world around them. “O brave new world
    that has such people in’t!.”

  3. One of the use cases for the watch will be a very covenant second or third screen. For example, let’s say a person is watching a video on their TV that is being mirrored off their iPhone. Just as the climax arrives a text message comes in. Currently, the person has to fumble and bumble like Humpty Dumpty to see who and what the message is about. What a buzz kill. Instead of disrupting the video play to interact with the text message, the user, in the near future, will be able to easily glance at their Apple Watch and interact if necessary.

    Here’s another use case: a person is eating lunch at a restaurant, their phone is in their pocket and they want to see the price of AAPL. Currently, the person has to wipe their hands thoroughly with a napkin, place their hand in their pocket, take their phone out of their pocket, adjust the phone’s grip, put their fingerprint on the fingerprint reader and swipe down notifications. Doing this irritates other people around, especially if engaged in a conversation that has nothing to do with AAPL. After March the user will just glance at their Apple Watch to see the price of AAPL.

    These are just two examples and there will be millions more. People, analysts, investors, etc. that think the Apple Watch is going to be a failure are fools with zero imagination.

  4. This is the photo that likely costed him the election (Bush).

    He appeared bothered by the tediousness of the debate.

    He also appeared out of touch with us little people, when he looked surprised in a grocery store to see bar-code readers. “Oh, look – they have those now”. He was quoted as saying. bar-code readers were already mainstream for several years. Unbelievable that his son got an office and now we may be looking at a third Bush

    1. Well, let’s see. He is the President and the most powerful man in the world. Maybe there was some other pressing issue in play he was wondering about.

      Now, about the ‘tediousness of the debate’. Presidential candidates don’t debate. They participate in a simultaneous press briefing. If you studied how true debates are carried out, you would know this. So, yes, whatever you want to call them, they are boring sport for the best gotcha or catchphrase while answering no relevant questions, as if the pawns put in charge of the Q&A understand issues enough to get an answer, thank you Candy.

      Speaking of ‘out of touch’, that report about the scanner shows how easy sheep are led. Dig a little deeper and find out that it was a new type of scanner for the day that could read bad labels. Then again, who gives a shit if a man who had been in the White House for 12 years knew ANYTHING about a damn scanner. How does that help me?

      And talking about his son winning, a business man who had also been a governor, is an odd point for you to bring up, considering the man who beat G41 is offering up his useless wife as President. No way in Hell she has the experience any of the Bush’s have to run a country.
      (not to worry, as most Conservative are pulling for Walker, while it is the NYT that wants to anoint Bush and Clinton as the frontrunners).

      Looks like are an apprentice at many things….

        1. Sorry to come down so hard, but it is aggravating to have the main-stream media set up a false narrative and then have it accepted into history.

          The watch look most likely DID cost him votes, but why? Who made it out to be such a big deal? It was the same group that misinterpreted the scanner story, just like they treated Romney in the last Presidential election, while giving our Amateur-in-Chief a pass on almost any disastrous decision he makes.

      1. Nice view. If it ain’t conservative its a terror. How is that horse and buggy working out for you.

        Maybe you are against the medical community’s oppressive push to sell vaccines that kill us. You know like the measles vaccine.

        Of course those that push for an end to vaccines are in no way responsible for the current epidemic.

        Just saying.

        1. You’re just saying what?
          That you created a straw man to throw into this argument because you couldn’t discuss the topic?

          Most of the anti-vaccine crowd I have heard about are against ‘big-pharma’ just like many in the hippy-dippy leftist crowd.

          I guess you see it as a big-government/religious debate that only Conservatives have? Maybe there are some. Trying to push this off solely on conservative shows how small your circle of knowledge really is.

          Nice try….

      2. 1) You are at a job interview, you don’t look at your watch when you are in the middle of it. Making excuses for this faux pas as in “he’s the most powerful man in the world” sounds strangely strained. His power derives from the electorate who show up. Right, I know they are low info types who don’t deserve to offer their opinion. Suggestion, Russia manages who votes, move there.
        2) Tilting at wind mills – “boring sport”, etc. debates are what they are. Get busy and try to change them – instead of whinging.
        3) Yes, the “sheep” stuff again goes with the low info angle. “I’m smarter than all those people”. It turns out that some people do care if someone knows how much milk, bread, etc. cost and how it is paid for.
        4) Calling W a “businessman” is stretching things. What he was was a person who came from a privileged and exploited the connections associated with it. Here, get yourself modestly educated on his business “success”:
        As to being governor, correct. He became governor of a state that had just benefited most from one of the greatest financial bailouts of modern history. Such an odd juxtaposition for a state that prides itself on self reliance clap trap. Here’s a quick reference to that reality:
        Hey, thank goodness for those citizens of CT and their munificence. But, of course, they probably didn’t know they were writing the check, low info and such.

  5. Hmmm Ok let me see, If your laptop is too big, then get an iPad…. but if it’s too big, get an iPad mini… but wait… if this is still too big get an iPhone 6 Plus… but if it doesn’t fit in your pocket… try an iPhone 6… but if it still tooooo big… get an Apple Watch…

    If you are still unsatisfied… well, you can just carry carry everything together in a bag

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