“The selfie stick has been framed by my peers as a risible technology of which ownership is akin to the forfeiture of good taste,” Chris Plante writes for The Verge.

“For the past year or so I kind of agreed. I’ve been at best disinterested and at worst disgusted by what seemed to be a over-priced, vanity-promoting retractable camera mount,” Plante writes. “But a holiday trip to Disneyland convinced me the selfie stick deserves respect.”

“Disneyland was infected with selfie stick families, some of whom I spotted removing the plastic wrapping at the front gate. The selfie stick is the opposite of the tablet camera. With a GoPro mounted at its end, the device is unobtrusive and dimly lit, disappearing deftly during the nighttime parade. Even with a smartphone attached, the stick held the device above the crowds, giving it a better angle and everyone else a clearer view,” Plante writes. “And that’s just the stick’s application for general photography. For selfies, the tool made it easier for entire families to fit into photographs together.”

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