“Apple has a lot to do to top 2014,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET. “This year, Apple introduced larger screen iPhones, showed off its first wearable and launched a mobile-payments service. That was on top of updates to its Mac and tablet lines and improvements in its mobile and computer software. Apple also made its biggest acquisition ever by spending $3 billion on headphone maker and streaming music provider Beats.”

“In many ways, Apple next year will be building on what it announced in 2014. It will finally release the Apple Watch in retail stores and will expand Apple Pay and other services,” Tibken reports. “It also will release new variants of its popular iPhones and iPads. But it could make some important tweaks to those devices, such as including a Retina Display in its MacBook Air or making a bigger screen iPad, which could attract a new group of customers.”

Seven major things we expect — or at least hope — to see from Apple in 2015:
1. Apple Watch
2. Bigger iPad Pro
3. IBM partnership and business users
4. Ecosystem expansion through Apple Pay, HomeKit, HealthKit and other services
5. Music plans with Beats and iTunes
6. Retina MacBook Air
7. Something we’ve heard nothing about

All seven points discussed in the full article here.