Know Your Mobile reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPad Air 2: ‘The best tablet. Period.’

“The iPad Air 2 really is a very impressive piece of kit that brings together everything that made the iPad Air great and adds in a raft of refinements designed to further improve the general user experience,” Richard Goodwin writes for Know Your Mobile.

“The end result of all this is a fantastic tablet that is arguably the best money can currently buy,” Goodwin writes. “If you’re an iPad Air user already, you might want to hold on to your still excellent device for another year before upgrading. There are a lot of updates inside the iPad Air 2, just not enough to justify ditching your year-old iPad Air.”

“The iPad Air 2 is designed, I think, with two people in mind: those with old iPads and those that don’t yet have iPads. And for this demographic it is perfect, offering up excellent design, insane processing power and one of the best tablet ecosystems around,” Goodwin writes. “So, yeah, if you’re looking for a tablet this Xmas and don’t own an iPad Air, then this is basically what you’ve been waiting for.”

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  1. “one of the best tablet ecosystems around”

    ONE of the best tablet ecosystems around?!

    Makes it sound like there are other “best tablet ecosystems” around.

    Where, Richard?

    1. I soooooooooo agree with you, Des. How do these people get away with writing nonsense? I bet that if there were only 1 table in the world just 1, all other things in the world being big Dell boxes and CRT monitors, this guy would STILL write the “one of the” bullshit.

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