“Apple has finished out both its press events for the fall without so much as a whiff of the new Apple TV – which means the next generation, whether it comes in the form of a revised set top box or actual television sets or both, won’t see its release date until 2015,” Phil Moore writes for Stabley Times. “That represents not only a break in Apple’s usual pattern of updating the product in the fall, but also opens the door to speculation as to what’s taking Apple so long and what its roadmap really is for the product going forward.”

“Even if Apple does bring out its own television sets, there is little strategic reason for Apple to abandon its attempt at reaching those who have already invested hundreds or thousands in a TV set from another vendor – at least for the next few years, giving those consumers the opportunity to reach the end of their current set’s lifespan and before being steered toward an Apple Television at that point,” Phil Moore writes for Stabley Times. “But there are also several reasons, some evidence based and some empirical, to expect Apple television sets to happen.”

“Just don’t look for Apple televisions to debut at Walmart style prices,” Moore writes. “We’d be shocked to see the first generation Apple television sets arrive with a price tag at any less than $999, with an $1199 entry point more likely.”

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