“In the previous tutorials I showed you how to choose components for a Hackintosh and how to assemble them. In this, the third and final tutorial, I’ll show you how to complete the all important final step — installing OS X,” Harry Guinness writes for Tuts+. “I am using tonymacx86’s popular UniBeast method for Intel-based computers. This is just one of the methods available so feel free to explore the others developed by the Hackintosh community.”

“The motherboard you’ve chosen determines a lot of the settings and configuration you have to do to get OS X to work on your computer. If you have chosen the same motherboard as me, the Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H, you can follow along more or less exactly,” Guinness writes. “Other Gigabyte motherboards will have similar settings; following this tutorial will require you to think about what you are doing but you shouldn’t have any problems.”

“If you have gone with a totally different motherboard, the broad steps will remain the same but the specific settings, especially when configuring the BIOS and setting everything up with MultiBeast, will not,” Guinness writes. “Again, this tutorial will still prove useful to you…”

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