“With absolutely no proof or verifiable sources, I believe Steve Jobs colluded with then Google CEO Eric Schmidt to ensure browser-based web apps would be the standard for the iPhone,” Tera Thomas O’Brien writes for Tera Talks. “Why? Google feared the iPhone and the potential of native applications. Why, with smartphone customers using native apps, the search giant would lose control over search and user data.”

“When Jobs caved in to internal pressure and allowed Apple to create a software development kit for iPhone, Google knew they’d been betrayed by Jobs and responded by making Android OS free for cell phone manufacturers,” O’Brien writes. “Google had no choice but to compete with Apple on the OS level, because Apple made iPhone application development a business that took direct aim against their business model. And, as we all know, native apps prevent Google from collecting information from users to sell to advertisers, and diminish the company’s famed advertising machine’s ability to display ads.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Software Development Kit for iPhone OS was announced at the iPhone Software Roadmap event on March 6, 2008. Google began retooling Android from a BlackBerry clone into an iPhone knockoff immediately following Apple’s iPhone unveiling in January 2007, or some 14 months before Apple released an iPhone OS SDK allowing for third-party native apps.