“iTunes shows and movies are protected by digital rights management (DRM) software, which limits how people can share and view them,” Eric Blattberg reports for VentureBeat. “But thanks to a file-sharing startup, iTunes videos are getting Netflix-style streaming capabilities — and it’s 100 percent legal, the company claims.”

“Entangled Media today updated its Younity iOS app [free], enabling your iPhone and iPad to stream videos stored on your computer’s iTunes library, no downloading or syncing required,” Blattberg reports. “To avoid legal troubles, Younity won’t share content purchased through iTunes, as you can with other content. Also, the app will send you over to Safari to stream your videos. ‘We’re obviously not going to strip off the DRM, because that would be illegal,’ said Erik Caso, Entangled Media’s chief executive. ‘We effectively had to reverse-engineer using your Apple ID and your DRM key and insert them into your stream, which we could do in the Safari browser but not our own media player.'”

Blattberg reports, “iTunes videos will stream in their original, full resolution, and you can view them while you are anywhere in the world.”

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